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PET Power: New machine ensures reduction in investment in moulds!

The decision to purchase a new type of machine offers the client and PET Power new possibilities. The ASB 50 is a relatively small machine compared with the existing three machine platforms. Since the machine is small, the investment costs for moulds are lower and the move to a new model for smaller…

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Rivièra provides Dutch Drop liquorice sleeve decoration

Since ancient times famous kings and emperors have been familiar with the use of liquorice. Liquorice arrived in the Netherlands after a long journey through many countries, and has been a typical Dutch delicacy since 1731. In 2015 80% of Dutch people consume liquorice, so Flügel is launching a liq…

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20 years of opening solutions with Teamplast!

Teamplast has existed for 20 years, so this is a good moment to stop and reflect. The company is born from the conviction that there was (and still is) a need for a partner who can offer a solution for creative and technical problems in the niche and mid sections of the packaging market. In 20 years…

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Cups4you wins Misset Catering Awards with Culidish!

An innovation we can expect to hear much more about, according to the jury. A method to ensure that different components can be heated together in the microwave, as we discovered at the Misset Catering Awards presentation on 26 November 2015 in Naarden. Other nominees were Pit by Albron and De Guijt…

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